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Selected Publications and Lectures


  • "Multimedia Intellectual Property Issues” BookTechMagazine Conference and Expo  (New York)


  • "Digital and Cyber Risk Issues," Oxygen and Universal Music Group, RIMS Conference (New Orleans)


  • "Copyright Control and Protecting Author and Rightsholders Interests In The Age of Free Digital Content"  BookTech Magazine Conference and Expo (NewYork)


  • "Optioning Literary Properties For Film: What Writers, Producers & Investors Need to Know" Institute for International Film Financing at New York Film Academy (New York)


  • ​"Intellectual Property Issues for Novelists," Mississippi Writers Conference (Mississippi)


  • Interview, "Obscenity Standards and the Miller Test," One To One Magazine, Technology and Business For Media Manufacturers



American Theatre Wing Announcement


Duquette Kors press release  


Duquette JCrew article


Media Bistro Interview



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